Deep into that Darkness Peering…

Who the Hell Am I?

Hari Navarro has, for many years now, been locked in his neighbour’s cellar. He survives due to an intravenous feed of puréed extreme horror and Absinthe-infused sticky-spiced unicorn wings.

His anguished cries for help can be found via Black Hare Press, Raven & Drake Publishing, Black Ink Press, Hellbound Books, 365 Tomorrows, Breachzine, AntipodeanSF and Horror Without Borders.

Hari was the Winner of the Australasian Horror Writers’ Association [AHWA] Flash Fiction Award 2018 and has also succeeded in being a New Zealander who now lives in Northern Italy with no cats.

Zero Hour 2113
Upcoming Releases
Pre-Order Now: Alice in Wonderland rehashed for grown-ups.

Alice in Wonderland as you’ve never seen her before. Vampires, werewolves, witches, robots, ghosts, and aliens…and even a few dalliances with romance…
But will she ever get home?


365 Tomorrows

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365 tomorrows is a collaborative project designed to present readers with a new piece of short science and speculative ‘flash’ fiction each day.

Now Available

“I often heard noises in the night. The rake of branch tendrils against our aluminium casket, and the wind as it skirted the lake and sieved its screech up across and through the trees. But this was different. This noise had fingers.”

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